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 Hi Folks.
     Welcome to all my woodchuck fans both new and old.  
My name is Lee Hamilton and I am the creator of Whimsical Woodchucks. The photos you will see in the website were all taken by me in my yard. All of the animals are free and wild and allowed to come and go as they please. Over the years they have become my pals. I have collected several thousands of pictures over the years and would love to share some of  them with you. I am working on a photo book too.Stay tuned for publication.
            Since I just got this great new video camera,I am hoping to make my little critter friends movie stars too.  I will also be building this site with new photos and stories in the future,so check back often.
Please feel free to email  me as well. You can  reach me at or
        The groundhog plate you see me holding was given to me by a wonderful groundhog friend from Ohio and I display it in my home very proudly.
        As a kid I was always fascinated with groundhogs. I grew up on a farm so there were plenty of them around. Not too many people liked them much because they always seemed to dig in the wrong places or eat things that they weren't supposed to eat.My Dad was always chasing them out of the garden. I still liked them and would often  take goodies to their dens and leave them for the hogs to eat. Now it is an obsession. Groundhog Day has a whole new meaning!
       Please join me for a groundhog adventure that you have never seen before.  Wild woodchucks showing off their special qualities and personalities through a photographic display of fun and remarkable visions. Eight years ago I started Whimsical Woodchucks .
       I hope to show all how wonderful and amazing  these little animals are.
I have enjoyed every moment of time I have spent observing and photographing the groundhogs. Each new year that goes by,I am in awe of their constant entertainment,their ability to survive nature and their many expressions. I have been able to train them,trust them,call them and communicate with them through simple sounds and treats. I have never been attacked or afraid of any of the groundhogs that have come to my yard. As with all things,trust is the best thing that keeps me close to the groundhogs.
They all have been named as well. I have lost some of the old timers that used to come around but now I have their offspring and the babies are remarkably similar to the parents.
       As I build my website ,I will offer some educational information as well. I will also post some of my observations regarding the groundhogs too.. There will be plenty of tales to tell.
       I think the year 2010,I was most amazed by the fact that one groundhog named Charlotte,crippled from birth,had survived all Summer. She was still out eating snacks as late as  December 6th,2009. She was again seen February 12th,2010,scratching in the snow for food. what a pretty face!!
     2011 looks very promising with new characters and some of the old ones as well.
One shout out brings them running up the hill to see what's good to eat.
     I learned to appreciate the value of these creatures as well. My research found that woodchucks were responsible for helping to formulate the Hepatitis B vaccine for human use.
Their livers are very similar to humans. They are also very resistent to most forms of cancers as well.
Please go to my home page for some photos I hope you will enjoy.
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